Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My kid is so awesome.  Should you care to hear about her recent exploits, keep reading this paragraph.  If not, if the thought of reading about someone else's child gets on your nerves...skip it, and read the next one!
SO!  We discovered this book,at our local public library, and read it almost every day that we had it, before returning it.  The last page bids the reader "Tell me about YOUR dragon", to which Sofi immediately answered "My dragon is invisible.  And tiny.  And it's pink and blue, and rainbow.  And it sleeps in my closet, with one eye open, in case any monsters try to get me."  It developed, over a few nights, into 2 dragons, one pink and one blue(her favorite colors), who she would whip out, in her little cupped hands, and chat with, at random times, even when the book wasn't around.  SO!  Last Thursday, she spent the night at my parents' house, and at noon the next day set off for Daddy time, as per our parenting plan.  I didn't get a chance to chat with my parents about what transpired during her visit...until after she got back.  Sunday night, when we picked her up, I asked her if she'd told her dad about her dragons.  "No.  I don't have them anymore."  Why not?  "PJ squashed them."  My 22 year old brother sat on her imaginary(sorry! invisible) dragons, and wiped them on his jeans.  I had a phone conversation with him about it, and he was highly amused that she adhered to their imaginary demise so tightly.  What's more, the next time we read the book, her answer to the last page?  "My dragons are squashed."  :( right?  Well, with a little giggling in between...  So here's my solution: last night, while my husband and I watched a movie, and last night's Glee(on Hulu), I made 2 tiny clay dragons.  One pink, one blue.  They weren't baked, yet, this morning when I showed them to her, but she was still SOO thrilled.  I immediately posed and baked them, of course.

NOW onto non-child related subjects:
 I made Puck a dig box, last night, because I discovered the lovely shredded carpet in the corner of my bedroom door frame, yesterday.  He really likes it!  I read all about different ways to make them, a week or so ago, and decided we are more likely to eat the rice we have, than the whole wheat rotini pasta my dad's cousin gave us 2 huge bags of, on Easter.  (please don't judge me for wasting food I wasn't going to eat anyway.  We are broke this week, and we weren't going to spend $3-5 on a big bag of rice for a ferret to play in.)
I have GOT to drag my butt back over to Walmart(across the street behind my building), because I have 2 things I'm supposed to be mailing out to friends!!!  (the way that makes sense is: we don't have an 'out' mailbox in our apartment complex) *iz lazy*
~random ADD moment(is there any other kind?): I've got Jimmy Fallon on with the sound off, and I just realized what unnerves me about the actress Maggie Q, who stars on the crap-remake of La Femme Nikita.  She looks like a young, Asian Jane Seymour.  *to me*  It's the mouth and chin.  ANYWAYS.

!!!!MOTHER'S DAY IS IN 4 DAYS!!!!  *dies*  Not sure what's going to happen.  Hubby has to go to work at like, 1 or 2 p.m., and doesn't even get paid till that day, so he, Sofi and I are celebrating me on Monday.  Sofi and I picked up a bare wooden butterfly wall-hangy-thingie at Dollar Tree, yesterday, and painted it this morning.  She goes to church with my dad, Wednesday nights, and my niece is visiting them, too, so they're having a slumber party tonight.  She couldn't wait till Sunday to bring Grammy her pretty butterfly, so she got it tonight XD   Whoops I accidentally lied!  I talked about my kid again.
I have a love/hate relationship with Netflix.  I have wolfed down whole series of shows I hadn't seen before, and always wanted to...and then it's all gone and I miss the characters/'verse.  BUT I am friends with Netflix again, because yesterday, they changed what they had of SyFy/BBC's Merlin series from only the first season to seasons 1 and 2. :D  I think I'll watch a little, right now!  Sadly, I finished Pushing Daisies AND The Dresden Files(both tragically canceled).  But I now have more things to be inspired by, in my nerdy crafting!

That's all I can think of to talk about, for now, so TTFN!

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's safe to dance

I am bored.  Have you ever promised to make some things for people, and had the time...but didn't feel like doing it?  My brother's girlfriend 'commissioned' me to make her a hemp necklace, complete with handmade clay cupcake charm, back in January.  It was almost finished way back then...but I never felt like completing it until tonight.  The thing is, I use the term commission very lightly, because she didn't offer to pay for it, just asked if I'd make it for her.  Sure, fine, I don't mind...right??  Well, I didn't mind until she started harassing me about it.  I don't see her very often, but she would ask, like every time I saw her, had I finished it yet.  I just moved, OK?  I didn't even know where it was!  Whatever.  I just didn't like it that she was kind of pushing me to do it, when I'm kinda broke most of the time, and she's got a job, and rich parents, and isn't even paying for it.  It's like $8 or so worth of work, in my opinion, and to me(who grew up sort of poor, and learned to make money and supplies stretch and last), that's a good amount.  I don't like to waste my money.  So, anyway, that's a pet peeve of mine, and now we'll move on from the subject, 'kay?

I've been crafting again!!!  I hit a slump for a couple weeks, and didn't want to do anything.  Not sure what kicked me back into gear, but here I am...makin' cute and pretty things, like I do.  I'm SO excited.  People are showing interest in my pieces, like never before, and it's heavily encouraging me to get my Zibbet shop off the ground \o/  Most inspiring, lately, is my fabulous ferret.  He and I have been bonding quite nicely.  Daniel says Puck is using me as a bookmark, basically, since he doesn't get to spend time with him as much, anymore.  I don't think so...I think he luuurves me.  I ordered him a cool new harness, last week, recommended to me by a friend who's had a few ferrets(among many other pets), and knows her stuff.  We got it today, and it's AWESOME!  He can't get out of it, and the lead portion only puts pressure under his elbow, so it's not ever going to choke him.  And get's BLUE, Sofi's obsessively favorite color.  She was highly pleased(the listing didn't specify a color, I assumed it would be random).  As I expected, Puck didn't like it at first, and wallowed around on the floor for a few minutes.  Then I opened the door, and actually LET HIM GO OUT, and didn't pick him up...and he was all for this new thing.  We just walked around on the balcony/breezeway for a while, didn't go downstairs.  Tomorrow maybe we'll take him out in the grass.  Oh!  I was saying how inspirational he is.  I made a little felt version of him, and it's a hit. 

He played with it, thankfully didn't sneak off with it.  I have at least one person who wants to either buy or trade for one like it!  I am so excited.  I feel like I'm finally coming into my own.  All my life I've felt like I didn't quite belong, no matter where I was.  Since discovering my fabulous crafting friends, the League of Extraordinary Crafters, and making tight bonds with them...I've found that there's a lovely little niche right there, waiting for me to join in.  To my League sisters and brothers, who follow my blog---I LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH!!  You make me feel human :D

Our slapdash scrunched little apartment is starting to look and feel like a home, and I'm very happy about that.  But our finances are not so hot, and we're both planning on applying around town, starting tomorrow.  I'm so completely terrified that the stigma of having been fired(over 3 years ago), will still keep me unemployed, which I know will stress Daniel out even more than he already is. 

I haven't been reading ANYTHING...well, not committing to any books, anyway.  I'll read a few pages of something and never pick it back up *facepalm*.  I hate that.  I always have a book.  It's probably because I don't have any of the books in the several series I read, at the moment.  Waiting on Clockwork Angel(Cassandra Clare, Infernal Devices series), from the library...And I'm about to start reading a new(to me) series, the Dresden Files.  I've been watching the TV show on Netflix, and I love it, I'm hoping it's like most book to tv/movie situations----the books will be better.  Plus there's a ton of them, it's a very popular series, so I'll have plenty to read this summer.  I'm very excited to read City of Fallen Angels(also Cassandra Clare, this one is in the Mortal Instruments series), as soon as I can get my paws on a copy.  AND next month Dead Reckoning, the next Sookie Stackhouse book comes out!!!!  I bought the previous one on Mother's Day, last year :D  I think there's a Patricia Briggs book coming out soon, the Alpha and Omega series....but I digress, since I'm starting to sound like my book obsessed friend Rebecca :D
Things I'm looking forward to in real life: Not doing yardwork this Summer, the pool opening up(it's practically right outside our door), losing weight, getting my shop started, getting a 'real' job, getting my driver's license(yep, I'm a bum).....having enough money coming in to breathe easier.  Oh, and getting pregnant, I hope! 
Love y'all, kisses and hugs <3

Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm a slacker...but we've been moving, so I have an excuse = P

We finally moved out of my parents' house, into our very own spankin' new apartment.  It's ~tiny~.  But it's OURS!!  And no one gets to kick me out of the bathroom anymore, on the basis of seniority(I'm talking about YOU, Mom).  My friend Rachel, who is awesome, is giving Sofi her old dresser and chest of drawers, from when she was a little girl(it's white/cream, with little flowers painted on...kind of old fashioned, but free is free!), as well as giving us a great big white book shelf, which we NEED.  But we have yet to have a good day/time to go retrieve said items and lug them up the stairs to our house, because of several different issues.  So...Sofi's room is a bed, a gajillion toys, and plastic storage totes full of clothes, books, etc.  But she has room to play. 

Two weeks ago, my husband brought our ferret home, for the first time.  He was staying with my in-laws, while Daniel was having to crash there, and had been confined to one room for the whole time we'd had him(since last fall).  He LOVES our house.  He stays in the bathroom at night, and when we're gone, so he doesn't get into mischief, and because of this, he's claimed it as his property.  If he's been wandering around the house, and I can't find him, all I have to do is go in the bathroom and make 'bathroom' sounds--clank the toilet seat, etc., and especially if I shut the door--he comes hurrying in, and sniffing everything.  It's like he's saying, "Hey, you're in my room.  Did you touch my stuff?  Don't touch my stuff.  Hi!  Pet me."  He's very congenial.  By the way, his name is Puck, after the character in A Midsummer Night's Dream, who is a fairy/sprite with a strong sense of mischief, but who is also compassionate.  My Puck is very like that.  He's into everything, loves to rough-house(which is like a kitten's play, only his claws and teeth are more blunt and gentle), etc., but he also wants to be held, sometimes, and cuddled.  He prefers to sleep inside an article of clothing- mine, my husband's, or Sofi's.  We think it's for the smell. 

Sofi has been naming some of his actions; she calls his habit of sniffing our faces and feet "whiskering", because his whiskers brush the skin before his cold nose does.  She made me laugh so hard, one night this past week, when she exclaimed, "He's so puckish!"  She thought she was just referring to him having his own cute personality, but I told her that's a real word, and it a good description of him.  They get along well, most of the time, but she has this urge to turn into Elmira from Tiny Toon Adventures, sometimes, and I have to separate them for a while.

So, needless to say, I have to get house work done, and computer fun, at night or on the weekends, when she's with her dad. 
Yesterday, we had a blast, and all we were doing was the laundry!  Our apartments don't have washer/dryer capabilities, the complex just has a laundry 'room', which is like a laundromat that's just for the residents.  Unfortunately, our building is in the VERY back of the complex(it's U shaped, and we're the bottom), and the laundry room is waaaay up at the front.  Yay us.  But Sofi likes helping me do it, and my mom gave us a hamper on wheels, with an extending handle, which she was so conveniently hoarding, LOL.  So we walked down there, checked our mail on the way, she picked a washer, helped me load it, then put the quarters in for me.  Then we walked home, and when we got there, her buddy, Karra, who lives 2 doors over from us, wanted to hang out.  So they went back with us when we put the wet clothes in the dryer, then back again when we got them and brought them home.  I forgot to mention-Sofi rode her bike to and from the laundry room every time.  So she got NICE and worn out, and had a great appetite, when we got back the final time.  I cooked her a chicken leg, and heated up left over macaroni and a biscuit for her, and I ate a microwave steam pack meal thing, with whole wheat bow-tie pasta, some veggies, and shrimp scampi.  She wolfed down her entire meal!!  Most days she nibbles, then runs off to play, and I'm lucky if she comes back 2 or 3 more times and finishes it.  I believe we have found the solution to this problem. :D

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Such a geek am I

I remembered that we recently discovered the 3rd season of True Blood on demand, and I hadn't seen it yet(I know, scandal), so guess how late I stayed up???  I have 5 more episodes, and believe me, it was hard to make myself turn the tv off before I could just finish it out and watch the sun come up!  I am loving the story, even though they have ripped it all apart compared to the books, but they have to make it intense and whatevs.  It irritates me that instead of Weres AND shifters, there's just Weres involved in the situation in Jackson, and I also was kinda looking forward to the scene when Alcide helped Sookie unzip the fancy red dress she'd worn to Club Dead(since it was a much more fancy place to go), and they made out for a minute or so...but alas.  At least it's not like those blasphemous Harry Potter films.  I refuse to watch the Deathly Hallows pair.  I'm very happy with the way it was in the book, thank you very much, and I'd rather just remember it that way.  :P

In other news, I'm reading the heck out of Cassandra Clare's "Mortal Instruments" books, because they are awesome.  AND my husband texted me this morning and informed me that the newest House of Night book is out, and I had no idea!!!  BUT I've promised my brother I'll finish the most recent 2 Wheel of Time books(which will take forEVER) before I read anything else.

SO.  Last night...and early morning...I made things, while I watched mah show.  Not gonna show you what, though...cuz some of it is a secret!!  :P
This blogging thing isn't that hard...I used to keep a blog on Myspace, and I was fairly regular about posting. 
Oh, and I've had a special request for this post.  I got a pair of Glee knee socks for Christmas, from the fabulous Lizzy, my best friend in the whole world.  Because she and her husband are 2 of the few people I know IRL that understand my LOVE for that ridiculous, campy, musical show.  Also she gave me a Glee bracelet!!  And, there is a picture...
 And one of the girls, the other night, in the tent.  I'd forgotten I took it.

Heehee, picspam. 
I hope writing every day will get me back into writing shape.  I have always wanted to write a novel, and I need the practice.  My mom has always shoved that "write what you know" crap down my throat(LOL) and all I've ever wanted to write about is werewolves.  How does that work?  I have such bad ADD that I can't ever finish a story, though.  I need to get back to one I started a bit back.  It's a takeoff on Beauty and the Beast, but the beast is a...surprise! Werewolf.  The girl is a school teacher, and the guy is a book shop owner.  They're both adorably shy and nerdy.  I <3 it.  Which is why I need to get back on the writing of it!!!  I used to tag team write, with a friend, when we were in middle school, and that was my favorite time in my life, when it came to writing.  I really want to find another writing buddy, so we can write the story together(similarly to the way Good Omens was written).  It gets finished, that way, since one person can rest while the other writes a section.  AAaanyway.  I need a shower, and food, and to watch 5 more hours of True Blood...and I'm going shopping with my Rachel today.  So, this is me signing off.  Laterzz!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Life is so crazy....

...And so is my family.  :D  But I love them anyway.  My brother and his 2 daughters came over for a belated Christmas mini-party, last night.  My sister was invited, too, but she just brought her daughter, Alyssa,  over, and that turned out fine.  So that made 4 little girls in one house, all at the same time.  Plus presents, and pink-iced chocolate Tangled cupcakes.  >.<  It was fun though!!  I made a necklace each for Jamie's girls, using recycled bottle caps as the base for the pendants.  I put a pale pink polymer clay background in the one for Nettie(Annette), with a polymer clay cupcake in the middle, and a light blue background w/a clay daisy for Lydia.  The chain part was faux suede twine.  They really really liked them.  I don't get to see them, much, their mom kind of spazzed, when Sofi's dad and I were engaged(we're now divorced), and we went years without seeing any of them.  Jamie and his wife are in the process of a divorce, now, so we get to have the occasional hang out with him and Lydia and Nettie.  My parents bought all the granddaughters these awesome outfits, with tutus attached to the bottom of the shirts, and they all put them on and pranced and twirled around the house.  It was so cute.  Lydia had school today, so they left, but Alyssa spent the night.  Sofi got a tent for Christmas, from my husband's parents, and they 'planned' on sleeping in it, but they're (nearly) 4 and 7, so yeah.  Alyssa slept on the couch, and Sofi slept in the tent till around 2 a.m., when she woke up, crying, so I let her sleep with me.  Yaaay.  >.<  Haha, oh, well.  I made pancakes(Batter Blaster is my new bestie) this morning, and we had a fun filled few hours of crazy little girls running through the house giggling and playing with balloons.  Then it was time for Sofi to go to her dad's, for the weekend, and we dropped Alyssa back of at her mom's.  Whew.  Chocolate time for me :D