Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My kid is so awesome.  Should you care to hear about her recent exploits, keep reading this paragraph.  If not, if the thought of reading about someone else's child gets on your nerves...skip it, and read the next one!
SO!  We discovered this book,at our local public library, and read it almost every day that we had it, before returning it.  The last page bids the reader "Tell me about YOUR dragon", to which Sofi immediately answered "My dragon is invisible.  And tiny.  And it's pink and blue, and rainbow.  And it sleeps in my closet, with one eye open, in case any monsters try to get me."  It developed, over a few nights, into 2 dragons, one pink and one blue(her favorite colors), who she would whip out, in her little cupped hands, and chat with, at random times, even when the book wasn't around.  SO!  Last Thursday, she spent the night at my parents' house, and at noon the next day set off for Daddy time, as per our parenting plan.  I didn't get a chance to chat with my parents about what transpired during her visit...until after she got back.  Sunday night, when we picked her up, I asked her if she'd told her dad about her dragons.  "No.  I don't have them anymore."  Why not?  "PJ squashed them."  My 22 year old brother sat on her imaginary(sorry! invisible) dragons, and wiped them on his jeans.  I had a phone conversation with him about it, and he was highly amused that she adhered to their imaginary demise so tightly.  What's more, the next time we read the book, her answer to the last page?  "My dragons are squashed."  :( right?  Well, with a little giggling in between...  So here's my solution: last night, while my husband and I watched a movie, and last night's Glee(on Hulu), I made 2 tiny clay dragons.  One pink, one blue.  They weren't baked, yet, this morning when I showed them to her, but she was still SOO thrilled.  I immediately posed and baked them, of course.

NOW onto non-child related subjects:
 I made Puck a dig box, last night, because I discovered the lovely shredded carpet in the corner of my bedroom door frame, yesterday.  He really likes it!  I read all about different ways to make them, a week or so ago, and decided we are more likely to eat the rice we have, than the whole wheat rotini pasta my dad's cousin gave us 2 huge bags of, on Easter.  (please don't judge me for wasting food I wasn't going to eat anyway.  We are broke this week, and we weren't going to spend $3-5 on a big bag of rice for a ferret to play in.)
I have GOT to drag my butt back over to Walmart(across the street behind my building), because I have 2 things I'm supposed to be mailing out to friends!!!  (the way that makes sense is: we don't have an 'out' mailbox in our apartment complex) *iz lazy*
~random ADD moment(is there any other kind?): I've got Jimmy Fallon on with the sound off, and I just realized what unnerves me about the actress Maggie Q, who stars on the crap-remake of La Femme Nikita.  She looks like a young, Asian Jane Seymour.  *to me*  It's the mouth and chin.  ANYWAYS.

!!!!MOTHER'S DAY IS IN 4 DAYS!!!!  *dies*  Not sure what's going to happen.  Hubby has to go to work at like, 1 or 2 p.m., and doesn't even get paid till that day, so he, Sofi and I are celebrating me on Monday.  Sofi and I picked up a bare wooden butterfly wall-hangy-thingie at Dollar Tree, yesterday, and painted it this morning.  She goes to church with my dad, Wednesday nights, and my niece is visiting them, too, so they're having a slumber party tonight.  She couldn't wait till Sunday to bring Grammy her pretty butterfly, so she got it tonight XD   Whoops I accidentally lied!  I talked about my kid again.
I have a love/hate relationship with Netflix.  I have wolfed down whole series of shows I hadn't seen before, and always wanted to...and then it's all gone and I miss the characters/'verse.  BUT I am friends with Netflix again, because yesterday, they changed what they had of SyFy/BBC's Merlin series from only the first season to seasons 1 and 2. :D  I think I'll watch a little, right now!  Sadly, I finished Pushing Daisies AND The Dresden Files(both tragically canceled).  But I now have more things to be inspired by, in my nerdy crafting!

That's all I can think of to talk about, for now, so TTFN!

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